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7 east steps to make money on Facebook.

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asked Mar 24 by Facebook Master

7 east steps to make money on Facebook.

1. Setup a professional and descent Facebook profile.

Your audience, followers, network on Facebook needs to know they can trust you in turn trust your opinions and advices. 

To achieve that you need to 

A- show a professional side of you

B- post facts and clear posts  

2. Make your posts personal on Facebook.

Your target is to make your audience, network come back to hear more of what you got to say .

By making it personal, your audience, network gets the feeling that they are close to you, know you, your friends even if you don't know any of their names.

3. Interact with your Facebook Audience.

 As much as lots of your audience, network would be reading your posts as much as they would like for you to communicate with them sometimes.

Some of your Audience, network will ask, comment or leave a feedback about something, they really need some responses..

4. Personalize and generalize your posts on Facebook.

When you receive a comment or a question from a member.

A- answer him in person.

B- expand on your answer to add a general note, information for everyone else

5. Keep the conversation updated.

It at any point you find that the conversation is dyeing, find more, new, updated information you could add to the same thread of conversation.

If their is a major value addition to the conversation you may chose to open a new conversation to discuss the new major piece of information.

6. Add photos, videos or graphs 

Photos and graphs are very descriptive and could become viral if they are clear and informative.

Videos are not only viral but also a quick way to make money with Facebook.

Now Facebook pays you for uploading a video, when it's popular enough to be watched 1000s of times

7. Use the Facebook boost post function 

Boost post is Facebook magical feature if you use is carefully.

A-you need to make a smart looking informative post.

B-wait and see how does the public interact with your post

C-if your post gets good primary traffic, add Facebook boost post function to it

1 Answer

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answered Mar 24 by Steaph

you can make money from facebook videos by this step

1- you should have more than 5.000 followers

2- then open the facebook adsense tab and start to make money from your views of your videos

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