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Why would a person who is not love their girlfriend/boyfriend as before still willing to stick around and not leave?

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asked Mar 11 by Ruth (260 points)

2 Answers

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answered Mar 14 by Malcom
When a person's feeling change towards someone it does not mean they totally dislike them and it does not mean they should leave them on the spot .. what kind of change in proves to you the (not loving) there partners ?
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answered Mar 15 by Jeremy
I did.  I was this man.

I am married and I started to date with other girl for a year and a half.  We got along well, both of us have similar interests and we had an enjoyable time hanging out.

She was deeply in love with me and I told her that I loved her, even though I didn’t, because I didn’t want her to feel bad. I just like to have someone to hang out with me sometimes, so I think I would simply lie to make her feel better. I liked her, I enjoyed spending time with her, but I never loved her.

Why did I stay? Mainly because of fear of hurting her, and the other reason is if I broke up with her, my chances of finding someone else were low. I enjoyed spending time with her, I didn’t want those things to end. I realized that I made it worse in the end, I should have broken off with her earlier because I hurt her more in the end. Hopefully this explains why some people might stay in a relationship, even if they don’t love their partner.

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