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Can you find true love over the internet?

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asked Mar 11 by Ruth (260 points)

4 Answers

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answered Mar 14 by Marry Drak
I can just say , I met my boyfriend through the Internet    and I really love him..
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answered Mar 15 by Kent0830 (150 points)
Can if fate come
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answered Mar 15 by No one special
True love can be found everywhere, finding relationship through internet is just one of the ways. Of course there are a lot of scam and fake profiles, you just have to be careful and be smart, take your time to differentiate who is true.  Some dating website helps to filter out those fake and scam profiles.  Love is everywhere, even in online dating.  Good luck in finding your true love.
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answered Mar 16 by sofy
Could you meet an honest person on the internet..

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