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Is It possible for a male escort to have a stable relationship?

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asked Mar 10 by Forgetme (310 points)
Is it possible for a male escort to find true love?

Will a girl accepts her boyfriend to work as an escort?

3 Answers

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answered Mar 13 by anonymous
This question is ridiculous.

The person who does that job is disgusting. The only person worse would be a girl who accepts that.

They are both sinners and should burn in hell.
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answered Mar 15 by samer
I personally think it is impossible, because if there is love there is jealousy.  No girl can accept their boyfriend to have sex relationship with others.  

You will have to quit as an escort to have a real love relationship.  The chance is there as long as you are willing to quit.
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answered Mar 16 by Marcos
Well, I personally think escorting is a job, so I simply believe that your job has nothing to do with your personal feelings,

You could have a job as a security but you don't like problems ......... (-:

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