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Love is lust?

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asked Feb 17 by Forgetme (310 points)
Love is a lie.  Love is lust.  Get satisfaction and find more?

2 Answers

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answered Mar 7 by ScullSnow
Not true , love is not lust .

Lust could be he start of love, wanting to be with someone because you want her/his body does not have to stop at this point..

lust is part of love, it's not the same as love.
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answered Mar 15 by MF
Love is a not a lie.  Love is life. And if you missed love, you missed life.

If love is a lie, why all people are seeking for love (a lie)?  People are seeking for true love, true love is hard to find but impossible to deny. To know love if is a lie, may be you have to experience to love someone and lost someone.  If love were not real then the heartbreak of love lost would not be real either. Love can take many forms but its sweetest form is the unexpected one and the care is mutual.

Love is not lust.  Lust is not part of love as lust can be purely sexual desire without love.  

Love is faithfulness, loyalty, confidence, willingness to make sacrifices for another, able to compromise so that either both win or at least give the other person's opinion a chance.  Lust is desire, acquisitiveness, intense emotions, enjoyment of a short-term, mutually pleasurable relationship.

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