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i don't know where i stand

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asked Feb 17 by Forgetme (310 points)
We have kissed, cuddled, and laughed when we hang out together.  But it has been a few days I didn't hear from him.  I miss him.  I want to date with him again but I don't know Where i stand or if he is actually into me.

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answered Feb 20 by anonymous
Tell him... you miss him
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answered Feb 26 by Martin
He might be going through tough time and he   does not want you to know about it. So hold on for sometime. He will be back for you!
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answered Mar 15 by fairuz
If he misses you, he will contact you.  If he cares, he will show it.  If not, he cannot be worth your time because you are obviously not worth his.  It is difficult to remove him from your heart but you should move on if he did not care about your feelings.
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answered Mar 16 by Riza
I am sorry guys, but I believe

1- high expectations leads to high disappointment

2- the best way to find out more about your partner interest in you is to give it time until he calls for it

3- never be upset because someone you felt for does not share the same feeling, it just did not hit him, maybe yet and maybe never

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