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Should I follow my heart or love someone who loves me?

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asked Feb 17 by Forgetme (310 points)
I am loving someone who is unattainable, it hurts so much.  

At the same time, someone is crazy about me but I don't have feeling for him.  I rejected him but he didn't give up and try again and again.

Should I follow my heart to love the one who is unattainable or the guy who loves me but I have no feeling for him?

1 Answer

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answered Mar 14 by Ivon
Love is Love .. you don't chose who you feel for but what you always keep in mind is to never allow anyone to use you in the name of love, so love who you want to love and always be nice to the ones who love you.

If you can change your feeling towards someone from love to "no" love just because they don't love you back then you did not really love them .

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