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Valentine's day for long distance relationship couples

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asked Feb 8 by Ruth (260 points)
I am in a long distance relationship and I do not want to miss the Valentine's celebration with my love one.  My partner is miles away and it is tough to meet each other in person.  But I really wish to have some sweet moment with him because it is our first Valentines!  Can I have some good ideas to make it a special day for us while being away physically?

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answered Feb 9 by Skull
One option is for both of you to setup a nice candle dinner, and get connected over Video Call ..

Other option is to forget that day and wait until he is back to town , then you can have your own special valentine....

All the best
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answered Feb 10 by anonymous
Your 1st Valentine's day will be more better if you give him a surprise flying to him.
Try it...

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